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Wenzhou SIMPLE technology co., LTD. (former wenzhou shoe weft software co., LTD.) is engaged in CAD/CAM and engineering database application development, sales and service of specialized high-tech companies. Since 1992, shoe pattern design on computer and enlarge shrinks CAD system for research, development and sales. For more than 20 years, we continuously absorb and sum up the experiences of shoe pattern design master's hand, and the field research of all kinds of footwear design and the production process, make the fabric shoe pattern design software JWXY become a real practical and simple shoe design tools.


SIMPLE JWXY software developed by companies in both technical level and practical performance has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. We through the scanner, only a few seconds to rapidly and accurately shoes sample input computer, computer design and enlarge shrinks, again through the cutting plotter or just a few minutes to a full set of sample draw or cut out, and the whole process is easy to learn, quickly and accurately, especially suitable for China's footwear industry.


SIMPLE Company has a good software development team, they focus on the actual, clear the customer's application target, we have more superior service team at the same time. Company's tenet is: from beginning to end, perseverance, and every day we are trying to improve their technology, every day we will be the new technology to spread to the footwear industry. Now choose the products of our company in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese shoe companies and professional shoe pattern design, our company with excellent products, preferential prices and first-class service, won the customer consistent high praise.


SIMPLE company hot pillow welcome new and old customers to come to visit, investigate and establish a long-term relations of cooperation with us, you will find that the strong technical backing for your career developed play an immeasurable role.

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AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

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